Are your servers Unix / Linux, or Windows NT?

All myvhosting Shared servers run on CentOS Linux, which is identical to Red Hat Enterprise...

 Backup policy, Do you provide backups?

You are responsible for your backups and web content.We create our own weekly backups on the...

 Can I see some of the websites you host?

Some sites we host are: Please see

 Do you offer support in other languages?

We offer support in Arabic and English.

 Is there any contract for hosting?

There are no contracts to keep you at myvhosting. You may pay month to month and cancel when you...

 What control panel do you use and do you have a demo?

The control panel we use is called cPanel. If you have Reseller or Dedicated Hosting, we provide...

 Where are myvhosting servers located?

Our  servers are located at The Planet in Dallas and Houston, Texas, USA.

 Which domain names can be hosted by myvhosting?

We can host any domain name, as long as you can point the DNS to us. We cannot register all...

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